Barry Plant – Docklands

Barry Plant – Docklands

Dear Steve,
I would like to sincerely thank you for the assistance you have provided our company with our new mobile telephone system.
When you made your presentation to us we were really impressed with not only the system that you suggested but also the demeanour that you exhibited. Subsequently, when dealing with you Steve, we found you always the gentleman, patient to the novice, supportive and considerate to our wishes – a significant contrast to the high pressure and essentially disrespectful behaviour to the novice in particular myself.
Steve, you always did what you said you would do – there were no unfulfilled promises. The communication with us by telephone, email and letter were excellent, keeping us fully informed of the progress etc of the negotiations and upto the supply and installation of the telephones. We appreciated how you worked in OUR interests and how you strongly negotiated on our behalf. We were impressed by your knowledge of the telephonic communication market and the wisdom you displayed when advising us.
We will highly recommend you to prospective clients and please should any of prospective clients wish to discuss your attributes / service with a more than satisfied client then please give them my telephone number.
Your sincerely, Ern Heaven.

Ern Heaven
Domain Hill Property Group

Domain Hill Property Group
Tronic has been able to assist Domain Hill Property Group on several occasions with our telecommunication requirements.
Tronic assisted in all areas from brokerage (which saved 1/3 off our telephone account) to internet installation, as well as solving supplier problems and improving business efficiency.
The Tronic staff has always been friendly, professional, and prompt.
If Tronic say they’ll do it – It gets done!
Domain Hill Property Group has been so impressed with Tronic, we will retain and recommend them as Account Managers.

Administration Manager
Monbulk Licensed Post Office

Dear Sir/Madam.
I am writing to you in sheer delight to inform you of the wonderful experience that we have had.

We recently relocated premises and bad a very old commander phone system, we wished to relocate the phones and the phone and fax lines, as we are a Post Office it was extremely important to take with us our existing phone and fax numbers . This was of course booked in with Telstra and of course completely ballsed up by them. They had on there records to install the new lines to the premises that we were already in, not the new premises.

Well thank god for Troy Paas, who was already on the job inside the new premises laying the cables where we needed it. He came to the rescue and sorted out everything with Telstra and got my lines connected, and that is really what this letter is all about.

I really need you to know that Troy Paas is an exceptional employee, he organized an upgrade on our equipment so now we no longer answer dinosaurs, he was so easy to deal with, he explained everything thoroughly and was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Troy has excellent product knowledge and his customer service is outstanding. Troy is helpful, polite, caring, informed, efficient, and above all a very approachable person. Nothing is too much trouble for Troy and you all should be very proud to have him as part of your team.

I apologize if I have gone a little overboard but I had to let you know.

Yours Sincerely