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Model: UVP-Executive
The UniFi Executive VoIP Phone features a 7-inch* touchscreen. It is designed for wide-screen video calls, ease of use, and quick navigation. Equipped with two built-in speakers, the UniFi Executive VoIP Phone provides stereo audio for an exceptional audio experience. Features include:
• 7-Inch, High-Definition, Multi-Touch Color Display
• Powered by Android
• Bluetooth Support
• Premium Stereo Sound
• Built-In Camera
• Wi-Fi Capability
• Fully integratable with the Avaya IP Office using SIP endpoint licenses

The UniFi SIP VoIP Phone is an enterprise desktop smartphone solution with a brilliant, high-definition color display designed for modern communication, organization, and productivity.
Built on Android and integrated into Ubiquiti’s UniFi Enterprise System, the UniFi VoIP Phone is the next‑generation standard for corporate communications. Download and install your favorite apps, stream media, browse the Internet, and access content created and stored in your Google accounts. Each phone can be uniquely personalized, while all the phones are easily deployed and managed.

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