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Avaya B179

Avaya B179 Conference Phone

The Avaya B179 conference phone features OmniSound 2.0 technology, bringing wideband audio performance to meetings. Deploy the phone in boardrooms or large meeting spaces, with a microphone pickup range of approximately 320...

Avaya B159 Conference Phone

The Avaya B159 is an Analogue conference phone that delivers smart features to help conferences run smoother. You can record your conversations on SD memory cards and use the line mode to...

Avaya B149 Conference Phone

The Avaya B149 is an easy to use conference phone. Simply plug it into your analog phone system and a power outlet, then start the conference. This device is best in a...
The Avaya B169 Wireless Conference Phone is a breakthrough, making conference calling easier and more convenient. Take the Avaya B169 anywhere in the office and get exceptional quality and a wealth of features. ...
The Avaya B100 Expansion Microphones (700501539) are an optional accessory for the Avaya B149, Avaya B159 and Avaya B179 Conference phones. Used for greater microphone coverage on larger conference tables or when number of participants is...