Adds, Moves, Changes & Relocations

Adds, moves, changes and relocations with Tronic ensures that all of your business communications technology will be ready when you are.

Adds & Relocations Expand your office telephone system to accommodate new employees or increase carrier trunk capacity of your phone system. Relocate existing extensions to another floor or building. Relocation of your phone lines and internet connection.

Moves Have your telephone system, phone lines and internet connection installed and fully functional when you arrive to your new business address.

Changes Expanded the phone system, Add new extensions, migrate to new phone line provider, Upgrade phone system, modify programing on phone system, Add new mobiles to an existing fleet, add new members in a call center, update voice greetings, or turn on mobility for remote workers.

Whether you are expanding or downsizing, we will customize your system to adapt to the changing needs of your business.

Whatever your business requires, General Communications will ensure that your telephone system functions effectively and cost efficiently. Our technicians will install, program, test the integrity of inbound and outbound calls, and troubleshoot all system features to your satisfaction.